Picture of Christopher Allen presenting to German Business Owners in Munich in 2014

The Reality Check


The first stage of our Business Mentoring process is the Reality Check, through a series of questions and answers over the telephone we will seek to understand more about your business, your ambitions and what you are prepared to do to achieve them.


We pick our clients very carefully, we only work with decision makers.  When we talk with business owners it is very easy to understand who makes decisions and then acts up on them and those who don't. 

Presentation Skills


In any organisation making presentations and formulating slide sets can be a difficult and time consuming job.  It is essential that each and every presenter is both comfortable with their presentation and knowledgable of the topic.


Our team of experts can work with you to help prepare more informative and interactive presentations that will inspire your employees and wow your investors.

Business Mentoring


Our Chief Instructor Christopher Allen and his talented team of Business Mentors can work with all types of organisations and tuition-based businesses.  With experience of Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Insurance, Sales, Marketing and Advertising our Mentors will work with you to help you to achieve the growth you seek. 

Prioritising Change & Getting it done!


Knowing what to do first, sets us apart from other Mentors!  We'll help you to understand the priorities in your business and help you to get started on them.


When you are ready to make the change we'll be there to support you every step of the way, we are change management experts and we know all to well how difficult in can be to persuade people that our new idea could work.  After all, can you imagine how many people told our Chief Instructor Christopher Allen that running a tuition-based business as a full time occupation wouldn't work? 

All System's Go!!


"She's all yours Captain, all systems automated and ready. A Chimpanzee and two trainee's could run her"! Scotty

"Thank you Mr. Scott, I'll try not to take that personally", Captain Kirk

Star Trek


Our goal is to automate your business as much as possible, the changes should be like flicking the switch.  Yes, it will need careful management in the first few hours or days but long term the changes we make together should last the lifetime of your business.  After all, you need to see a Return on Investment!